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Hello. My name is Iván.

I’m not the guy in the picture. I’m just another boring Creative Director.
I’m also a former Digital Creative Director, former Asociate Creative Director,
former Art Director, former Digital Designer and former Graphic Designer.

So yes, I have some stuff here, I guess.




Cuchillos japoneses

In destacados


In Argentina / Bélgica / Bosnia / Chile / Colombia / Croacia / Eslovaquia / Eslovenia / España / Italia / Perú / Polonia / Portugal / Rumanía / Serbia


In Argentina / Bélgica

Greenest Ad In History

In Bosnia / Chile

Yep, this is me.

When I was a kid, I spent hours with my sister in front
of the TV. We loved to play counting ads, especially during Christmas.
She counted fragrances ads and I counted toys, and whoever had more
before the TV show started again was the winner. So I guess
advertising caught up with me very early on.

I consider creative work something to enjoy, so I try to have fun with
what I do, at least I think you always have to work trying to have fun.

As a creative, my years of experience are divided between digital
agencies and traditional agencies, mainly in Madrid and Barcelona.

I love advertising, and pretty much anything related to creativity. But I
don’t like campaigns that make us feel guilty,
I don’t like opportunisms, nor those that work only for themselves. I’m
not a rockstar. I’m a teamworker.

I like watching TV, I like to spend hours on the computer searching for
beautiful design, I like to spend hours on the computer designing,
some good beer and almost any croquette. I’m a truly fan of Mortadelo
and Filemón, this guy and Atlético de Madrid.


PRODUCCIONES JRB es la compañía líder en España en desarrollo de promociones y coleccionables editoriales en el sector de la prensa escrita y revistas (marketing editorial)

Un portfolio de productos para todas las edades, con importantes valores añadidos y muy ligados a la cultura y el aprendizaje

Nuestras colecciones y promociones se comercializan en colaboración con  los mas importantes grupos de comunicación de todo el mundo, siendo  España, Portugal , Europa del Este (Rumanía, Serbia, Eslovenia, Eslovaquia, Croacia, Bosnia) , Polonia, Italia, Bélgica y Latinoamérica (Argentina, Chile, Perú, Colombia, Costa Rica) los países en los que habitualmente desarrollamos nuestras colecciones


  • Realización de grandes campañas de difusión con distribución en quioscos y grandes superficies
  • Campañas de venta directa en prensa
  • Coleccionables editoriales
  • Producción y distribución de material audiovisual en sus diferentes formatos (CD, DVD, Blu-ray, etc…)
  • Realización de colecciones temáticas de cine en formato DVD y Blu-ray